DJ Suketu was the only resident DJ manning the consoles at the Tom Cruise welcome bash that took place over the weekend in Mumbai.

Attended by not just the who's who but the 'rarely-seen' in the Bollywood fraternity such as Yash Chopra and Subhash Ghai, the night came alive not just for Cruise's ardent fans but for Cruise himself who was quite bowled over by Suketu's prowess with music.
The one remix that Tom was quite taken in by was Suketu's version of our popular favorite 'Dhinka Chika'. Cruise spent his time on his flight listening to Bollywood music and he loved Salman's steps to it. This was brought to Suketu's attention who promptly played the song esepcially for Cruise.

The Ghost Protocol lead actress Paula Patton took to the dance floor to Suketu's next remix for 'Chammak Challo' and urged Mumbai to come out and party.
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